Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First grade bowling

At the end of every school year, the first graders go bowling. I started off the day by meeting Kiki and Lacey at IHOP while we were waiting to meet our big kids at the bowling alley. When we arrived the bowling alley already had each class's names on the boards. We took up every lane! Pretty decent size first grade! Caden loved it, and had a great time with his best buds.


Karlee and Kiki


Dakyla--we love her! Shes so silly!


Kayden J

Lacey and I


After bowling the kids were free to go with their parents. We went for lunch at Wings then a little stop by Starbucks. We got a few cake pops, and enjoyed a little piece of heaven on our ride home. When we got home, this Mama had a little nap before our first playoff game. Which we WON!! Ill tell you all about it next time! Because my little man got a great surprise!


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