Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No plans

Every weekend, we have things to do that have been on the calender for weeks ahead of time. Always a birthday party, bridal shower, or something of that nature. Well this weekend, other than the given baseball game and church, we had no plans!
I was quite excited about this, as it is so rare! First thing I did was call up some of my best girls to see if we could all go to the movies to see "Bridesmaids". Much to my surprise, they didnt have plans either! We went to get our tickets then ate at Dale's Southern Gill. After the stressful day that I had, you wouldnt expect me to be, but I was in the best mood! I was ready to laugh and laugh more! I think I was just so happy to not have to say something to Caden every five minutes or to not have to deal with issues from the apartments. It didnt take long after the movie started for those laughs to come. That movie was so funny! I have always thought that a movie couldnt be any funnier than The Hangover, but this one was for sure. There was a scene where I was laughing so hard that my face and throat hurt! I wanted to pause the movie because I couldnt take it anymore! Several times I bent over holding my stomach. If you want to laugh for two hours straight, you have to see it. I will however, tell you that it is rated R and if those bother you, I would definately avoid it.

Saturday morning, we had a baseball game. We won, but I swear I always get to where I think I am going to have a heart attack right there at the ball field! I just love our team and they try so hard and have such great attitudes! I always feel that they deserve to win. The season is almost over and so I did a little visiting with other friends and watch their boys play too. The t ball littles are just precious!

The rest of the day was spent just doing this and that at whatever time I felt like! I love that! We went to the Coosafest in Childersburg and got to visit with a lot of old friends. I bought the cutest picture frame from Emmies mom and aunt. They had bouncy houses around the park where we took Caden to play a little before we headed to the grocery store. I love Winn Dixie's sales, they have so many buy 1 get 1's and great "meal deals". I havent had time to do the coupon thing like every other mom in America has been, so I take advantage of these sales. Later, we stopped by my dad's to visit with Connies sisters. For lunch, we purchased plates from the fish fry that the church put together to help the tornado victims. As we were sitting around outside, the uncles began throwing and hitting a little with Caden. He seemed to be taking their advice, although he was still prideful. He needs a lot of help, but has trouble admitting it! We all jumped in and ended up playing a little baseball game. It was funny listening to Caden try to tell everyone what to do! That evening, my best friend Emmie came over to stay with me and Caden. We used to be together all the time, but now we are always so busy it is hard to get even a phone call in.

Sunday morning, we went to Sunday school then I had Childrens Church. Usually, we eat lunch at my dad's after church, however I was determined to do something with my apartment after my weekend was supposed to be plan free! I spent from 12:30 until 6:00 cleaning and organizing. I am still not finished, but am happy with what I accomplished! Shane came over that night and we were lazy! So my no plan weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and productivity!

In Children's Church, I had my camera with me, and the kids wanted to take turns taking pictures with me, and also wanted to use the camera. So, we had a little photo shoot!
Eli- the cutest little boy that knows so much about Jesus and is sure not scared to tell you what he knows! He always answers all of the questions proudly in his sweet little voice that will make anyone smile!

Sammie- cute little girl, with such a huge personality! She loves to help and is always in a good mood!

Eli had to take one of me, then another and another. One is actually of me reaching for the camera!

Free play time!

I laugh at this because it looks like Eli has put Emma in there and is telling her, "do not get out!"

My big helper! Really he just finished his crossword puzzle from Sunday school!

Emma and Eli
Usually we have a lot more children, not exactly sure where everyone was on my Sunday!

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