Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AR Celebration

An AR Celebration takes place at the end of the school year for the students that reach their AR goal for the year. The day is filled with fun activities at our local park, think a field day that they must earn by reading. They had races, games, face painting, snacks, and of course, the bouncy houses and slides! The students not only have to reach their goal, but they must also maintain an 80 or above average on their tests. Caden's class was able to have all but one child participate. I am used to running up to the school anytime anything goes on at all, so when I realized this would be the same day that my manager would be coming down to my office, I was bummed. The celebration was from 8:30-1:30. When she called and said she would be a little later, I received her permission, and took off to the park! It is totally ok that I was in a dress, right? Im just not used to missing anything! So, I was happy to make it and join in on their exciting day. Obviously, nothing goes on in our world without pictures if it can be helped! Please excuse the fake smiles from my man. He began not feeling good after a few hours in the heat. After he stopped participating for awhile, I took him back to the office where he slept for about 2 hours. Bless him!

Mama's best man!
like my hair cut?!

One of Caden's friends that he met in first grade, Nolan.

Mrs. Cleveland's class waiting in line

Another friend from first grade, Dakota

Mrs. Cleveland's class
After spending so much time at the school and in the classroom, I get to know all of these children. I love them all so much! I was the same way last year with those kindergarten babies! I wish they could all just stay together!

Diesel, One more friend from first grade!

showing off their cute face paintings

Sidewalk chalking!

I would love if children saw this that may not know about Jesus, and maybe asked questions later. Im all about "planting the seed"!
This day was just one of the many end of the year activities we are having. We will going bowling next week, and will have a classroom party as well. Brace yourself, as I struggle to type the words, "my BABY will soon be a second grader." Maybe if I start saying it now, it will make it easier. Oh, who am I kidding? : (

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