Monday, May 23, 2011

Mary Kay Monday- Eye Love

Like I've said before, the more products I use, the more I love them! These are my two favorite eye products, besides the shadows! 

Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover-$15.00

 Gently removes eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, without tugging or pulling the delicate skin in the eye area. Formula does not leave skin feeling dry.
When I first began selling Mary Kay, I was told and passed along that this eye makeup remover had nutrients in it that made your lashes grower thicker and longer. Well guys, Im here now, four months later, to confirm this statement! As I was applying my mascara on Saturday evening, I really noticed that my lashes are indeed longer and thicker! I use it every night before I go to bed.

Eye Primer- $12.00

Here's the perfect primer to help you create eye looks that grab attention. This waterproof formula creates a foundation so your eye colors glide on smoothly and stay perfectly in place longer – without creasing or smudging. It helps extend and intensify eye color.

I began using this about a month ago, and I am really enjoying it. I just apply a small amount before my shadow. Like in the description, Ive noticed it keeps my shadow on longer and goes on smoother. I really love how it keeps my shadow from creasing as well.

Well I hope this helped you all learn a little more about a few of my favorite products! Let me know if you would like to try any of them!

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