Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are you sleeping?

I know I say all the time that Caden and Palyn are crazy about each other. But seriously, when they go without seeing each other, either for 2 days or 2 weeks, they get super excited when they are finally together again! If Caden hears of Palyn coming over, he will not stop asking you when and gets very upset if there is a change in plans. Last week, my sister said she was coming and didnt, he left her a voicemail informing her of just how much he didnt appreciate them skipping out on us! When Caden goes to school, Palyn always says throughout the day, "KK school, KK school." If she ever sees a picture of him she smiles sooo big and screams, "KK!!!!!" I have never in my life met two cousins so close. We were very worried about the jealousy issue, but so far it hasnt been bad at all. When Caden came home from school the other day, Palyn and Ryan were taking a nap, and he just wanted to go and see her. Well as you can see, he wasnt able to just "see" her! Just the look on his face shows how bad he wanted to wake her!!
This is him just "seeing" her!

She looked at him, then started with the "KK, KK"

And up she goes! I think he knew what he was doing!!

By the way, I spelled Cadens name with a C specifically so that people wouldnt call him KK. Wouldnt you know that little beauty gets away with a lot of things that most people wouldnt! I hope that these two stay this close as they grow. But I sure feel sorry for the next grandchild!

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