Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nights Out

Friday night, Kiki and I were going to see Bridesmaids. I loved it so much that I was making her go and see it too! Then Emmie called and asked if she could ride along because she wanted to see "Water for Elephants". Well, it didnt take much convincing because we wanted to see that one too! After we went to a tennis match and dinner at Outback, we were in our "late" movie. Im such an old lady and normally in bed before 10:00. Except here lately, not really sure why Ive been able to stay up so much later! We all loved the movie, and Im pretty sure we will be buying it! I told them that I did love it, I just would have loved it more on my couch! Ha! It was so cold in the theater! Also, I am not a member of PETA or anything, but I hate seeing animal abuse. The movie does not promote it by any means, however, it is a circus and the terribly mean ringleader made me cringe. Enjoyed our girl time! This was also Emmie and Kiki's first time to hang out! I was so thankful that they hit it off, not that I expected anything less from two of my best friends!

On Saturday night, after the catastrophe you can read about in my last post, we met friends at Chuys for Shane's birthday dinner. We had never been here before, our last attempt was ruined by a possible 3 hour wait. No thanks! We had a good time with Emmie, cousin David, Julie, and her David! When we picked Caden up at my Aunt Lisa's house, he wouldnt stop chatting with David. When I told him to come on, he responded, "Hold on, Mama, were having boy talk!" Well...ok then!

Silly with Shane's bday dessert

Julie and Emmie

I know I took a picture with my cousin David, I guess it didnt turn out.

Sunday after church, Shane, Caden and I went to Birmingham to get my mom's bed. We will be visiting her this weekend, and since she hasnt moved all of her things yet, we had to take her bed if we wanted somewhere to sleep! We stopped for lunch at Dale's. If you read this blog, then you know that's one of my faves! Then picked up a birthday present at Target, loaded up her bed, napped on the way back to Sylacauga, and made it to the next birthday party just in time!

So this night wasn definately a "night IN"! We rented this....
and spent the rest of the evening on the couch!

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