Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo was a very busy day! I spent my day preparing for a resident "Cinco de Mayo" party. I was decorating, filling a pinata, cooking taco meat and corn, and baking cupcakes! It was also my Aunt Tina's birthday. I had lunch at LaCosta's with her, my Aunt Lisa, Ryan, and Palyn. Palyn was so cute crunching up her chips. She has a good time anywhere she goes! Of course, they came to sing with Aunt Tina. She later told us that she had never had that done before! She couldnt have talked us out of it if she tried! I lucked up, because if you spent more than $20 they gave you a cute t shirt! Thank you Aunt Lisa!

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Tina

I love our apartment resident parties! The kids always have such a great time. I work really hard to make them different from others they have had in the past, to keep them coming back. Ive been getting a lot of help from the residents to help make these monthly parties successful! This month we had tacos, maracas, mustaches, a pinata and beads for the kids. 
Palyn wouldnt share the beads!

Most of the kids at the apartments

Too cool for the mustache!

After this long day, I was lucky to meet some friends back at Lacosta for one little margarita. It was an hour that flew by so quickly! I was just thankful to unwind my day around other adults!

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