Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gooo KK!

When Palyn went to her first game of Caden's, it was definately a different experience for me! As soon as my cousin brought her to me, she wanted Caden off of the field! She took off to the gate and did not at all understand why she couldnt be out there with him. When I would tell her no, she did not like it at all. Ive told you that shes a little too much like me! I love watching every play of the game, however, that wasnt the case on this night! She also wanted to run off toward the stairs that lead to another field. She ran over there about five times, and I would go as quickly behind her as possible. But when she turned around and saw me chasing her, she ran even faster, just laughing and laughing. That alone wore me out!
"Hey guys, where's my KK?"

Loving her french fry, but pretty upset that she couldnt get in that gate!

she stole my chair! big girl!

just like me, loving ballfield french fries!


I love this one! she was just yelling , "KK, KK"!

She chased the boys!

and wanted to slide down the hill like the boys!

"Pretty Please?"

That is Caden on the field, and Palyn stting and watching

She loved playing under the bleachers, it made me nervous!

this playing in the rocks is the little bit of her mama that she has in her!

she's like, "ok boys, could YOU help me get out there to my KK?"

We all look a little rough after a Monday night at the ballfield. But Im pretty sure she had a great time cheering on her best friend/cousin! And as you could tell by the many photos, I didnt get to watch the game play by play like I normally do! Not sure if I could do this alone everytime! Props to moms out there that are alone with littles at the field!

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