Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started off just right on Saturday when Shane showed up with a sweet card and some pretty yellow lilies! Those are my favorite flowers! He is so thoughtful, definately a keeper, ha!

My mom just moved about 4 hours away, therefore, we have to settle for daily phone calls. I make it a point often to make sure she knows how much she means to me. I wouldnt be the strong woman that she calls me if it werent for her. A few weeks ago my sister asked me if I wanted to keep Palyn on MD while she worked. My response, "Why wouldnt I want to keep my daughter on Mother's Day?" haha! She didnt find it as funny as I did. I ended up keeping her all weekend, because they are also moving with my mom. Although I loved having Palyn along for our weekend activities, she wore me out! It definately showed me that I am waiting a good bit longer before I think of making Caden a big brother!

Sunday morning, we had a wonderful service about being a Godly Mother. I pray this prayer so often. For, I know that my influence on Caden is the most important one he will ever have and that scares me to death. I pray that I will be more of a godly mother. I have struggled with this more than anything else lately. Especially in the mornings when I so often lose my patience. I have been told by a best friend, and I know its true, that Caden knows which buttons of mine to push. This may be true for other children as well, but my heavens, that boy knows how to get me all worked up!
After church, we had lunch with my dad and Connies family. Connie and my dad have been together since I was a baby. She had a rough time dealing with me growing up. I must admit I was quite the little brat at their house. Thank you Connie for putting up with me all of these years! I also appreciate all of your help with and love for Caden. He loves you too.

We also celebrated my sister, Calan's, birthday. I can not belive she is 18 years old! That is insane!

The reason I get to celebrate mothers day

I think she likes him!:)

Calan and Connie

So precious!

I wish two things:
 1)his head wasnt chopped off in the rush of trying to catch this
2) this was on the beach or in a field somewhere! ha!

Connie and I

If we werent quickly snapping, I wouldve made sure we werent in front of my door wide open and a dumpster!

Couldve probably done a little cropping, but hey, you get the idea!

Shane and his mom

That evening, after a little nap, we went to eat dinner with Shane's mom. It was our first time meeting and she was just as sweet as can be! She cooked pork chops, corn, baked potatoes, baked beans, salad, and toast. Then we had a little strawberry shortcake desert! It was so much and so good. I would much rather eat that homecooking than go out to eat anyday! Having Palyn with us, I was very thankful that her house was already baby proof from her grandchildren! I cant wait to visit with her again sometime soon.

This is what Caden brought me home from school on Friday.
It made my heart melt! He is right, I do everything for him. But I wouldnt have it any other way! I am just proud that he knows it. So many times it seems as if everything we mommies do goes without notice. So glad to know that this actually came from his heart. And it is this right here that I would much rather have than any material gift.

This is a picture of my grandmother that went to be with the Lord in 2003. She was the closest to me other than my mom. I long for the day when I am with her again.

Mawmaw Shirley-1975

This is my mom and I, with Amy and Bridgett.
I think it was my second birthday

And here I am with that pretty lady now!

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