Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Peachy

(Please dont make fun of my post for treating this as a big deal, if you are close to Clanton, Im sure it isn't for you!)

The day we were leaving for the beach, Caden had a dr. appt in Birmingham. We were meeting Shane in Prattville after he got off of work and just leaving from there. On 65, from Bham to Prattville we passed this. 
Which, if you are from AL, you dont think twice when passing it. I made sure to point it out to Caden though. He thought it was cool and we continued on our drive. Well, after seeing that big peach, I couldn't help but think about getting one when we reached Prattville. Billboards and billboards later, I think, "why wait?" So I take the immediate exit to find the place being advertised the most.

This picture does not show the parking lot, but it was filled so I thought something major was going on. Not sure if it was or if that many people actually love this place! I had no idea what to expect when I went in. First they had tables set up like a produce market with a little bit of peach everything! Peach this, peach that, anything peach that you wanted. Then we walked into a cafeteria and on the wall to my left was the most precious, southern thing Ive ever seen. A wall filled with beauty queens of all ages that were given the title, "Miss Peach". And in the portrait, they were all fixed up like a normal one, only they were holding a peach. I really regret not getting a picture of this to explain the cuteness! Im sure Im not the only one that would think so. Alabama is always made to look so rough and redneck, but this is how I would like for us to be known, with that old time southern charm!
I chose peach cobbler to satisfy my craving, wayyy too much peach cobbler that I couldnt half way finish. It was so good though!

Caden chose peach ice cream

I already admired the inside, when I noticed the patio with rocking chairs. I love a rocking chair!! Caden and I sat in two, ate our desserts and checked the place out. They had this large cow, and large horses for the kids to play on.

Here is little Caden, under a big peach

Swinging on a double swing, it was so relaxing to not have to rush somewhere!

They also had a nice playground at the top of the hill. This kind of see-saw scares me! I thought I was going to be flopped down on the ground if he got off! I really liked it here and would like to stop again! Maybe then Ill have proof of the pretty peach beauty queens!

After making it to Prattville, we didnt have much longer to wait on Shane and head off to the beach! We arrived in Panama City that night and slept great after a lot of driving!

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